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We are developing new concept of sailing ship model kits.


As never before, you can assemble sailing ship models from deeply researched and expertly designed wooden kits that we made in small uniform scale 1:200.


We were always fascinated by antique small size and somewhat disproportional Prisoner of War or Sailor’s made ship models with their hulls boldly built from solid pieces of wood or bone, tiny parts smartly and often intricately carved and rigging thoroughly imitating original. They are a great inspiration for building our models in similar manner, but carefully scaled to exact ship’s architecture and proportions and made from the best materials available, often hard to find and hard to work with, but beautifully colored by nature or technology so only minimal paint should be used during model finishing. Models we make in this style are expensive. So we developed these affordable “Build from Scratch” ship models kits for modelers who share our love to small size naturally colored miniatures and have basic modeling skills.


 Our kits will save you tremendous time and resources on historical research, finding the best possible building materials and graphical preparations. At the same time they will stimulate your very own individual approach and skills in model creation.

That is why we call our kits “Build from Scratch”. They feature:


- Scale 1:200  

- “Prisoner of War” or Sailor’s-made style, but in correct scale and proportions

- Solid full hull or waterline type (layers construction)

- Quality domestic and exotic hardwoods for hull and parts

- Strong flexible bamboo masts and carbon fiber yards

- Conveniently designed templates on card stock and sticking paper

- Smart ideas for fast and pleasant hull building and parts simulation

- Old original plans and historical notes included

- Pewter cast cannons and anchors (high quality, correctly scaled)

- General assembly instructions and drawings

- Small production run


Our kits are very different from others on the market. No cheap and soft balsa or basswood, no easy to break birch dowels for masts and spars, no disappointment when you compare expencive kit you purchased with true historical materials and plans.

Our materials are highest grade money can buy - carefully selected hardwoods for hull construction and hard to find beautiful exotic woods for small parts. Our masts are strong and flexible bamboo and yards are even stronger and more flexible black carbon fiber, so your model can be directly handled and even played with! We include original historical plan as a reference! We encourage you to check with original sources and even modify our kit to your liking, vision and understanding.

"Build from Scratch" approach means you will do your own parts and construction using included materials, templates and instructions. Our instructions are only general, - we do not want to write a whole book for each kit, assuming model makers have published books, know the subject and how to use tools and glue.


Sailing warships of the US Navy of 18-19 century will be first to come: sloop of war Wasp, frigates Essex, Constitution and others. British frigates and ships of the line of the Napoleonic Wars including HMS Victory will follow…

Model kits will be designed from the best plans and other resources available. Separation of hulls along waterline, scale and size of our models (not too big, not too small) will allow using them not only as attractive displays and collectables, but also for wargaming.

Scherbak Ship Models has long tradition (2 generations) of creating expensive, museum level models of sailing ships in wood, so you can be sure that our new line of model kits for modelmakers and collectors will be made with deep knowledge in this complex field.

With our kits you can build models comparable in size and style with small Prisoner of War ship models (see here) or Dieppe models carved in ivory (see here)


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Some experiments for new Scherbak series ...
scherbak sailng ship model kits
HMS frigate Diana scale 1:192 and USS frigate Essex scale 1:300


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LYNX , US privateer, 1812 Scale 1:200
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FUTURE sailing ship MODEL KITS:
WASP, US sloop of war, 1807 Scale 1:200 in design stage
CONSTITUTION US frigate, 1797
ESSEX, US frigate,1799 32 guns MORE...
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